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Combining smart sensors and biomechanics, Gait Up provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports and Health with wearables that rival accuracy of legacy motion labs.

Motion analysis solutions

Easy. Accurate. Versatile.

Our technology differs from usual wearables by providing products with research-grade reliability, drift-free accuracy, auto-calibration convenience, and robust customization to specific applications.

Physilog Sensors


Activity Monitor


Gait  Analysis


Running Analysis


Shoulder testing


Algo Library

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Top academics, scientists, and engineers already use Gait Up’s systems and algorithm in 22 countries worldwide:

“We measure 10 to 12 patients per day with Gait Up reliable measures, to identify who is at risk of falling”

Prof Büla, Head of Geriatrics, CHUV

“In this area where it is too easy to lie, Gait Up solid algorithm are just more serious, more reliable. Everything from them just works well and without any hassle.”

Cedric Mangaud, CEO Octonion SA/PIQ

“Very interesting, I’ll come to try it”
“I would love to know which shoe fits me best”
“That tool is a must!”

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