A research team from the Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport, ETHZürich investigated the influence of exergame on gait performance compared to balance training.

The aim of this study was to compare conventional balance training with video game-based physical exercise, a so-called exergame, on the relative power (RP) of electroencephalographic (EEG) frequencies over the PFC, executive function (EF), and gait performance. Spatio-temporal gait parameters (incl. speed, cadence, stride length) improved within the exergame group under dual-task conditions and within the balance group under single-task conditions. These results indicate that exergame training as well as balance training positively influence prefrontal cortex activity and/or function in varying proportion.

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Reference: Schättin, A., Arner, R., Gennaro, F., & de Bruin, E. D. “Adaptations of prefrontal brain activity, executive functions, and gait in healthy elderly following exergame and balance training: a randomized-controlled study.” Frontiers in aging neuroscience 8 (2016).