A recent article  by Dadashi et. al published in “Sensors” provides reference gait and foot clearance parameters based on more than 1400 able-bodied adults over the age of 65.

Gait parameters were measured with Physilog sensors during 20m walking trials in the corridor at self-selected pace.

“This unique dataset of more than 1,400 participants is a rich source for researchers and clinicians who need a reference on the range of the temporal, spatial and clearance parameters in older individuals. The inclusion of clearance parameters allows characterizing the risky gait patterns that may lead to fall.”


F. Dadashi, B. Mariani, S. Rochat, C. Büla, B. Santos-Eggimann and K. Aminian, Gait and Foot Clearance Parameters Obtained Using Shoe-Worn Inertial Sensors in a Large-Population Sample of Older Adults, Sensors 2014, 14, 443-457