Gait Up will exhibit in a joint booth with Mindmaze at the ECNR 2017 at the SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL, Lausanne on October 25th-28th.

The ECNR (European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation)  brings international experts from Europe and overseas around the topic „Newest developments in Neurorehabilitation”

Mindmaze, the company building next-generation human-machine interactions through neuro-virtual and augmented reality technology, will be exhibiting the MindMotion™ Gamified Neurorehabilitation Platform, to motivate and engage patients in their daily therapy

Gait Up will be featuring its smart sensor, the Physilog 5, as well as its objective motion analysis solutions for Gait and Running professional evaluation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet both teams and experience live demonstrations there. This will give you an idea on how adding Gait Up motion tracking technology to MindMaze’s suite of solutions in the future could create exciting new possibilities, by unlocking new forms of human-computer interaction.