EPFL researchers from the LMAM laboratory & coaches from Swiss-Ski have now come up with an innovative way to closely track the skier performance on each section of the slalom course.

Thanks to Physilog’s accelerometers and gyroscopes, they measure the skiers’ acceleration and angular speed. This data is used to determine the orientation of different parts of the body, such as the hips, knees and torso.

Additionaly, the researchers equipped every gate with a magnet and put a magnetometer (included in the Physilog sensor) on the skier. Using this information, we can figure out how far the skier is from the gate and determine the skier’s exact time at each gate all the way down the slope, as well as their exact speed and trajectory more accurately than GPS.


Watch the video report and read more about this innovative technologyin this article!

Congratulations for this great collaboration between scientists, athletes and coaches!