“I cannot start my Physilog®.”

Please do a simple reset by pressing the reset button once with a paperclip. LED blinks orange, then red.

If this does not help, please do a master reset by maintaining the reset button, then maintain main button, release reset button, and once LED has stopped blinking, realease main button. LED blinks orange 3 times. Warning: this operation formats the device and any data stored on the Physilog® will be lost.


“My two Physilog® sensors do not synchronize.”

If you have several sets of Gait Analysis Package, make sure that the two modules you are using belong to the same kit. Physilog® sensors from different kits do not synchronize.

If you have only one package, stop both sensors, and restart them.


“Date of the generated files is wrong.”

This should not impact the analysis of your files.

Please contact us via [email protected]


“My Physilog® does not connect to the computer.”

First, make sure that the contact pins are on top when you plug the cable into your computer.

If it was already the case, do a simple reset by pressing the reset button once with a paperclip. LED blinks orange, then red. Re-connect your Physilog® to the computer.


“While charging, my Physilog® is not blinking red anymore.”

Your module is fully charged 🙂


“How do I find the data to analyse?”

With Gait Up Software you can analyse any data recorded with Physilog® 4 stored on your PC or Mac.
If you have not transfered the data from Physilog® device, plug in the USB port and explore the physilog® drive to see the files and copy them to your prefered location on your computer.


“My Gait Analysis Software cannot analyse two specific files at a time. “

Make sure that the two files you wish to analyse correspond to the same walking trial. If yes, analyse one file at a time. This problem certainly comes from a highly pathological gait.


“How ofter do I need to calibrate my Physilog® sensor?”

Physilog® sensors are calibrated twice prior delivery to you. They do not need yearly calibration.



Please contact us if you have any other questions or comments. We are available by email ([email protected])


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