1009 Gait Cycles of 20 young and elderly patients were recorded both with inertial sensors and optical motion capture system (reference).

The following parameters were computed with Gait Up Algo: Stride Length (SL), Stride Velocity (SV), Foot Clearance (FC) and Turning Angle (TA), and extracted from the reference system.

The comparison of these results and ones of the reference system showed an accuracy±precision of 1.37±6.5% for SL, 1.57±5.8% for SV, 7.57±8.4% for FC, and 1.67±6.11° for TA.

Gait Up algorithm was validated against Optical Motion Capture system for these parameters.

The autors confirmed that the Gait Up system can be used as an objective tool in many applications requiring gait evaluation in real conditions.


Validation Gait Up