29 April 2016: Gait Up has received Coaching Acceptance, having passed Phase II of III in the CTI Start-up Process, one step closer to earning the CTI Start-up Label. Through CTI Start-up, Gait Up will now have access to business coaching, investors and a network that extends beyond the borders of Switzerland. The process to earn the CTI Start-up label requires thorough evaluation and will ultimately symbolize a level of business maturity and likely success of business model execution. We are enthusiastic about this opportunity, and look forward to the coaching and partnerships ahead.


From the CTI website:

“CTI Start-up enables creative entrepreneurs to realize their innovative business ideas quickly and professionally. Through a three-phase, firmly guided process lasting 6 to 24 months, a dedicated coach will help the venture’s project evolve sufficiently to apply for CTI Start-up Label.

The CTI Start-up Label is a certificate of quality, sustainability, and credibility for investors, and favors successful market entry. After receiving the CTI Label, entrepreneurs may benefit from additional CTI Start-up coaching during Phase IV in areas critical to implementation.”