Gait Up is a winner of the IMAGINE Challenge for innovative walking-visualization tool organized by FAU (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg).

We propose a gait walking visualization tool of the gait sequences based on inertial sensor recordings in real-time (embedded in the Physilog®5 sensor). This unique tool detects the gait phases (foot-flat, heel-off, toe-off, pre-swing, mid-swing, pre-, heel-strike) thanks to a single motion sensor on the foot combined with the best-in-class biomechanics algorithm.

The IMAGINE (Innovative Medical Application on Gait Visualization using Intelligent Engineering) Challenge consisted in proposing a walking-visualization-tool of gait sequences based on given inertial sensor-based gait recordings acquired using intelligent engineering technology. Seeing is believing: Doctors want to see how the patient was walking – even if they cannot see the patient. The innovative visualization tool should help medical experts to get a visual impression of gait impairments experienced by their patients – not only during ambulatory visits in the hospital but also during everyday life in the patients’ home environment.

Discover on the video how we made the visualization of real-time temporal gait parameters possible! Get to know more about Gait Up participation in this challenge through this interview.