This month’s edition of the In Vivo magazine features Gait Up in an article about “Falls: A Difficult Challenge”.

Read the full article here, get some insight with these highlights:

“30% of people aged 65 and older who fall every year in Switzerland […] In addition to suffering, time away from work, surgeries, and hospitalisations, falls cost millions of Swiss francs in health expenses every year [… ]Given that the population is ageing and more prone to falls, geriatric trauma must evolve, says Olivier Borens. “In the near future, we’ll have to invest in fall preven-tion, methods for strengthening porous bones, surgical techniques, and centres for accommodating and rehabilitating elderly patients after a fall.”

“Technological solutions could also help prevent and anticipate falls. […] A walk analysis system designed by Vaud start-up Gait Up has created quite a stir […]. As with a patient’s temperature and blood pressure, many gerontologists are now incorporating the device into their daily routine and medical exams. The mobility system’s main advantages are its speed, precision, and user-friendly design. The test, which consists of asking the patient to walk 10 metres and then walk back, can be completed in two minutes. The results are then analysed and can be viewed on a tablet or computer.”

“At Lausanne University Hospital, the Geriatric Service has been using Gait Up’s device for about 15 years. “It’s improved significantly over the years. Nowadays, it’s as small as a matchbox and provides much more data than before,” says Christophe Büla, chief of the geriatric and geriatric rehabilitation service, who is happy to see that use of the device is growing.”