Gait Up gathers benefits from more than 15 years of scientific expertise in biomechanics, is trusted by more than 100 clients in more than 20 countries world-wide and is ISO13485 medical quality certified.

Get to know more about Gait Up on our website and find out more about some of biggest milestones:

  • 2000: First Patent and pioneer research at EPFL on gait and activity monitoring with inertial sensors
  • 2013/03: Foundation of Gait Up Sàrl
  • 2013/12: First Delivery and Revenues in Switzerland
  • 2014/07: First Delivery and Revenues in US
  • 2015/03: Company transforms into Gait Up SA
  • 2015/07: Granted one Swiss CTI and one EU Horizon 2020 project (Movaid)
  • 2015/12: Reached 50 Customers among Clinics, Academics and multibillion dollar Companies
  • 2016/01: Launch its first consumer product “POMOCUP” in collaboration with POMOCA
  • 2016/07: First public smartphone App “HandsUp” in Google Play store
  • 2016/09: Launch new generation Physilog 5 motion sensor together with a secured online store
  • 2017/02: Reached 100 Customers among Clinics, Academics and multibillion dollar Companies
  • 2017/04: ISO13485 Medical Quality certification

We look forward to achieving more of them!