Gait Up is profiled in the January 2016 edition of PME magazine. The article highlights the risk of falling in elderly populations, and reveals Gait Up’s unique approach to fall prevention and better injury avoidance.

“From analyzing a 10 meter walking segment, we can precisely detect the persons risk of falling,” says Gait Up CEO Dr. Benoit Mariani. “Thanks to our device, a doctor will be able to identify possible risk factors and prescribe adapted therapy to correct the patient’s gait.”

Gait Up is currently selling wearable technology for professional gait analysis in Europe, with a list of 49 clients in research and medicine. Gait Up will continue expansion in Europe as the devices approach mainstream use in clinical settings, with plans to open offices in the United States, a key geriatrics market segment, within two years.

Gait Up is additionally exploring long term monitoring tools and consumer devices with leaders in the watch industry.

Access the article here: Gait Up article in PME Magazine January 2016



Gait analysis in the clinical setting. Sensors are attached to the foot and communicate via USB or Bluetooth. The included software automatically calibrates the sensors, so they can be worn in any orientation. Complete gait analysis is reported after 10 meters walking distance.



Snapshot of heel and toe clearance profiles throughout the gait cycle. Foot clearance during normal gait is an important parameter to assess whether a patient is likely to trip while navigating obstacles. Tablet based software is also available.