Prof. Dr. Andreas Luft, Professor at Zurich University, Head of the Stroke Center at the University Hospital of Zurich, Medical Director at Cereneo  Center for Neurology & Rehabilitation (CH), was the invited speaker of the Sensor Based Technology Meets Physical Therapy webinar.

He talks about how he uses the Gait Analysis System to monitor therapy in his world-leading neurorehabilitation clinic : “We’re using sensors that come of out the EPFL, Kamiar Aminian’s lab. They are sold by a company called Gait Up. They do Gait Analysis and provide a dataset of gait parameters that we use for controlling our gait therapies”. 

Sensor-based technology, in this case thanks to easy-to-use foot-worn Physilog motion sensors, provides an objective assessment of physical therapy outcome. This clinical gait measurements outcome allow to adapt the therapies to the patient’s needs and valorize evidence-based interventions.