Latest Updates

Research ToolKit for Physilog®5 V1.4.0 (16.02.2018)
Matlab ToolKit for Physilog®5 V1.4.0 (16.02.2018)
Physilog®5 firmware V1.2.2 (16.02.2018)
Physilog®5 Android App V1.5.0 (16.02.2018)
Physilog®5 Android SDK V1.1.0 (16.02.2018)

Licensed software
Physilog®5 Gait Analyser V5.1.2 (02.11.2017)
Physilog®5 Gait Analyser mobile V1.5.0 (16.02.2018)
Physilog®5 Running Analyser mobile V1.5.0 (16.02.2018)
Physilog®4 Gait Analyser V3.1.0 (05.02.2016)

Research ToolKit for Physilog®4 V1.1.1 (02.05.2016)
Matlab ToolKit for Physilog®4 V2.1.0 (02.05.2016)
Physilog®4 firmware V4.2.5.3 (02.05.2016)

Free Software – Downloads

Research ToolKit for Physilog®5 (Free)

Read signals and Change configuration of your Physilog®5 sensors.

Matlab ToolKit for Physilog®5 (Free)

Read Physilog®5 data in MATLAB for further processing, display raw data.                                      

Gait Analyser Updater (Free)

Update latest version of Gait Analyser software to your USB license key (for customers only).

Physilog®5 Companion Android App (Free)

Android App for Physilog®5 – display signals in real time and allows to view and change Physilog®5 configuration
Note: Works for firmware version 1.0.4 upwards

Get .apk file from this link

Physilog®5 Android SDK and sample App

The Physilog®5 Android SDK allows the creation of new Android applications that use Physilog®5 sensors or the integration of Physilog®5 into existing applications. The SDK package contains an Android library for communication with Physilog®5 and the source code of a sample application that showcases several features of the SDK.

Get compiled Sample application (.apk) with this link

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