The research groups Rehabilitation Research (RERE) & Frailty in Ageing (FRIA) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel have started a research investigating the gait spatio-temporal parameters of stroke patients using Gait Up equipment.

The study design is twofold:

  • The first objective is to validate the use of Physilog® inertial sensors against the Vicon® optical marker system. Vicon® systems are considered “gold standard”, yet are prohibitively expensive to measure large populations.
  • The second part will investigate the reproducibility & reliability of the gait parameters using Gait Up system on this population.

Around 30 participants will be enrolled in the study. Data collection will be performed at the Inkendaal Rehabilitation Hospital simultaneously with Physilog® and Vicon®, then compared in post processing.

We look forward to see the results of the study.